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Microsoft Access Expert (Access and Access 2019): Exam MO-500

The Microsoft Office Specialist: Access Expert Certification demonstrates competency in database design principles. The exam covers the ability to create and maintain Access Database objects including tables, relationships, data entry forms, multilevel reports, and multi-table queries. An individual earning this certification has approximately 150 hours of instruction and hands-onexperience with the product, has proven competency at an industry expert-level and is ready to enter into the job market. They can demonstrate the correct application of the principal features of Access and can complete tasks independently.


Microsoft Office Specialist Program certification exams use a performance-based format testing a candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities using the Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2019 programs:


  • Microsoft Office Specialist Program exam task instructions generally do not include the command name. For example, function names are avoided, and are replaced with descriptors. This means candidates must understand the purpose and common usage
    of the program functionality in order to successfully complete the tasks in each of the projects.
  • The Microsoft Office Specialist Program exam format incorporates multiple projects as in the previous version, while using
    enhanced tools, functions, and features from the latest programs.

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